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Meth Lab Testing & Cleanup | Crime Scene Cleaning

Crisis Cleaning is the leading Meth Lab Testing, Meth Lab Cleanup & Crime Scene Cleanup provider in the mid-west offering services to Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer FAST professional services to render your property or vehicle safe for human habitation.  We realize that our customers are dealing with difficult times when they call us which is why we put great emphasis of doing the job right quickly, discretely and effectively. Our services are in full compliance with all applicable laws and our staff handles all the testing and clean up paperwork that needs to be filed with your insurance company.

We not only perform Meth Lab Testing, but can also work with you in the Meth Lab Cleanup phase. Many other companies that offer Meth Lab Cleanup services, simply outsource the actual Meth Lab Cleaning. At Crisis Cleaning, we use our own in-house teams for both Testing, Sampling and Cleanup projects. We also offer Death and Crime Scene Cleanup Services as well as Biohazard Cleanup Services to families, police departments and businesses for Mold Remediation as well.



($49.00 per kit)