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What to Do About Asbestos

There are actually three main ways to deal with asbestos, depending on the situation. To begin with, you need to have an experienced professional look at the asbestos-containing materials on your property. Asbestos testing can give you an idea of your current risk, and air sampling gives you an idea of how much asbestos is already in your air.

Then, we’ll work with you to choose the most efficient and effective asbestos cleanup option for your situation. We offer:

Asbestos removal: In this situation, Crisis Cleaning’s OSHA-certified technicians will carefully remove asbestos-containing products from your property. We’ll follow all local, state, and federal regulations to ensure your property is thoroughly cleaned. Our experienced professionals will work quickly, minimizing disruption to your everyday operations or remodeling process.

Asbestos removal is often the best option if the materials in question are already heavily damaged, or if you’re planning to remove them in the process of remodeling.

Asbestos containment: Another option is to contain the asbestos materials with encapsulation or coating. This specialized encapsulation process minimizes the risk of asbestos exposure, while reducing your overall costs.

Asbestos containment is a good option if the asbestos materials in question are in good condition, and you don’t need to remove them for other reasons. We often combine containment and removal – removing only the worst-damaged parts while encapsulating the rest.

Our 24-Hour Emergency Hotline is available to Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio. Call Crisis Cleaning today if you know or suspect you have an asbestos problem. Schedule an asbestos inspection. We’re always available at (877) 260-4828 to answer your questions and address your concerns.