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Crisis Cleaning offers several different inspection services. We have fully qualified, EPA certified asbestos building inspectors and asbestos management planners.

Why Do You Need An Inspector?

Federal Regulations require asbestos inspections in all areas of structures that will be affected by renovation or demolition (demolition, meaning the removal of even a single load bearing wall). These inspections must be performed by an accredited building inspector, even in commercial and industrial facilities. Under the AHERA standard, schools are required to have licensed inspectors regularly re-inspect any asbestos they might have.

Why Do You Need A Management Planner?

Under the NESHAP standard the EPA specified that all K-12 schools must have an asbestos management plan regardless of whether or not they have known asbestos containing materials. Asbestos management planners work with the schools to establish a building control plan to contain asbestos or to make recommendations on how to properly remove the asbestos.

Our certified inspectors offer a wide variety of services including

  • Full Asbestos Reports
  • Site Surveys
  • Air Samples
  • Consultations
  • Containment or Abatement Planning

Asbestos management: Many times, asbestos materials don’t pose an immediate danger. They’re in good condition, and you’re not planning to move them during a remodel. In this case, Crisis Cleaning’s asbestos Operations and Maintenance program may be right for you. We’ll regularly inspect your asbestos-containing materials, test your air, and come up with a contingency plan should those materials become risky.

Asbestos management can be a money-saving option that lets you ensure the safety of your property without having to remove or contain all the asbestos-containing materials.

Crisis Cleaning provides services in Bloomington, Indianapolis and Ohio. We offer solution to any Asbestos Inspections problems such as Asbestos Inspections and Asbestos Abatement. If you have any question you can call us at (877) 260-4828 or send us an email.