How many tests would you guess you have taken so far in your life? This number would include school exams, medical, dental, eye exams, and household tests for whatever reason – termites, gas leaks etc. I remember being very anxious and nervous when it came to school tests, and in particular if they were timed. I was usually the last one to finish because I kept looking over my paper to make sure I had made the right choices. When I go to see the doctor and he says more tests are needed, I get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why must we take so many tests? Well, one reason, at least for school exams, is to make sure we have comprehended what was taught, and if not, that we find out the reason we are having any problems with a class. Other tests, such as medical and household, may be to go straight to the problem and find a possible solution or deterrent to prevent further issues. There are times I think I would rather not know test results and just stick my head in the sand and pretend everything is fine; maybe what I don’t know won’t hurt me – but, what if it will?

Our last article talked about meth decontamination professionals who can work with you if you suspect meth residue may be contaminating your rental property or your residence due to previous meth exposure in the home. After working with professionals as a first step, step two involves testing. Even though some states do not require pre-testing before beginning meth lab decontamination, thorough specific pre-testing can be helpful. Why pre-test? You may save thousands of dollars, since 25% of Crisis Cleaning’s pre-tests reveal the home’s meth levels are within the safe zone and do not need any professional decontamination. Wow, money is saved by not performing unnecessary cleanup. Who wants to spend money unnecessarily? It would be like taking medication for an illness you don’t have, and we all know some medications are very expensive.

So we have covered steps 1 and 2 – begin by working with professionals and two, take the test if you suspect meth contamination. We will continue with the next steps in our future articles. In the meantime, be safe if you suspect any meth residue – call Crisis Cleaning toll free at (877) 260-4828. They are licensed and certified, and will make sure the job is done right. Resolving any problem begins with knowing the facts. Call Crisis Cleaning today!

by Joan Mason