You already know that your brain on meth is not great; but did you know that mold can have devastating neurological consequences, as well?

Of course, scientists have long suspected that mold exposure – especially to super-toxic molds like Stachybotrys – can damaged the human brain. It’s kind of a given, considering the toxic effects of mold on the rest of our physical systems. But recent studies have started to link household and workplace mold exposure to serious neurological and psychological symptoms.

So what does your brain look like on toxic mold?

Anxious and depressed

The more we learn about the neurochemicals in our brains, the more we find out that so many things factor into anxiety and depression. Sure, these can be inherited conditions rooted in your natural brain chemistry. But certain issues – like nutritional defects – can make anxiety and depression worse.

And, it turns out, mold can do the same.

In one recent study, mice consistently exposed to Stachybotrys mold were more likely to become depressed and anxious than their non-mold-exposed counterparts.


Besides making us more anxious and depressed, mold may make us forgetful. The same study that found mold exposure makes mice anxious found that exposure also makes them more forgetful. Mice experienced serious deficits in contextual and spatial memory after even relatively low exposure to the toxic black mold.

Apparently the mice exposed to the mold experienced decreases in brain mass in the hippocampus – a major brain region that helps control memory.

Parkinsonian movements

While we still don’t know the real cause of Parkinson’s disease, this study showed the mold-derived toxins can cause parksinsonian symptoms by degenerating dopamine neurons. Exposure to these toxins may cause some of the movement disorders associated with Parkinson’s disease.

What you can do

Estimates say that between 40% and 70% of U.S. homes have some mold lurking in dank basements and behind sheetrock walls. While not all of this mold is incredibly harmful, some of it can have the effects mentioned above – especially on children and their rapidly-developing brains.

Luckily, there is an answer to mold in your home or commercial building! Professional mold remediators like those at Crisis Cleaning can test your home’s air for levels of mold exposure. Then, we can use proven techniques to efficiently rid your home of the mold that could be making you and your family sick.

If you suspect your home has a mold problem, call our 24-hour hotline at (877) 260-4828 to discuss mold testing and remediation today!