Don’t know about you, but anytime I leave the house, I have to make sure all is well inside before walking out the door. The same is true for my car. Before I had a garage, I made sure my car doors were locked prior to going inside the house. I learned that lesson the hard way; once when a black cat was placed in my car on Halloween. It is a little scary when you open your car door to a screaming cat jumping out at you, leaving evidence of the visit in your vehicle. Another time, I discovered someone sleeping in the back seat of my car when I started to get in it the next morning. Locking doors has been a good habit for me in the past several years, but not so much when I was younger and lived in the country. We went to bed with unlocked house and car doors. Not much happened back then. No one tried to steal anything or harm anyone. It does not seem so today. I would not think of retiring (the old expression for going to bed) without making sure my house is locked, and I mean every door. And of course we have security systems to help protect us in our homes. What has changed so much in the past several years? In my opinion, people have become more brazen or perhaps I am just more aware of what is going on around me because of the media blitz. Perhaps there is more drug dependency now than in earlier days, or again maybe we are just more aware of drugs now than then. Even today we have availability to lock and secure our homes remotely. Wow, things sure are different nowadays.

Well, my house is locked and secure and no harm, hopefully, will invade my private domain. Yet I must ask myself if all is safe since I locked my house? Wow, what a question. Why would my home harbor any potential danger or place me in harm’s way? How could such a thing happen? Perhaps we could say it is an “inside job.” Maybe something microscopic and unnoticeable to the naked eye is putting me at risk. Of course we can see any insects usually, except perhaps for termites and then we can see their damage, but what about Asbestos? As most of us know Asbestos left alone may pose no health issues, but if you are like me, you like to re-arrange things from time to time. Perhaps I go beyond just re-arranging and decide to remodel my kitchen; there should be no problem, right? Perhaps there will be no problem, but do we want to make sure our house is safe when remodeling? Could we say Asbestos may be a silent threat? If you have an older home and want to remodel, you may not know where Asbestos is located and if it will be disturbed. Should you be concerned? Absolutely, but do not panic.

Fortunately, there is a company that will inspect your house for Asbestos to see if there is any hidden danger lurking. Not only can they check for possible Asbestos contamination in the air but also for meth residue contamination and mold. We will talk about meth and mold in future articles, so keep watching and be informed.

Give Crisis Cleaning a call toll free today at (877) 260-4828 or email them at moc.g1516707878ninae1516707878lcsis1516707878irc@o1516707878fni1516707878. They serve Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, and North and South Carolina.

And protect your health and your home!

By: Joan Mason, Blogger for Crisis Cleaning, Inc.