January 3rd, 2012 – Donetta Held spoke at the Noble County Health Department. They listened intently as she explained why testing for meth is so important. If you want just a yes or no answer whether your property is contaminated, our meth test kit is an affordable way to get those results. You perform the test yourself and mail the sealed bottles overnight to a lab and within 3 to 5 days, you’ll know if your home is positive or negative for methamphetamine residue.

However, the meth test kit does not replace a full testing by a professional meth lab cleanup contractor, for the four reasons listed below:

  1. Approximately twenty-five to thirty percent of the homes we test are below our state’s threshold limit. Since all the levels are below the state limit, no decontamination is necessary and we can issue a Certificate of Decontamination immediately.
  2. If only parts of the structure are contaminated, therefore only those areas will require decontamination. Thus the decontamination costs will be greatly reduced.
  3. By knowing how high the levels are in reach room, we are able to give an accurate quote for decontamination, or provide written instructions for the property owner to perform their own decontamination.
  4. Full upfront testing can also save on the final clearance testing fees because only those areas that are contaminated above your state’s level, will need re-testing, thereby saving on the final clearance testing costs.

If you hire a meth lab cleanup contractor to do the testing of your property, be sure you understand what type of test they are performing. Is it a full test per your state’s regulations or just a composite test? While you may spend a little more money upfront on testing overall, you save greatly by reducing the decontamination and final clearance testing costs.

On average our full assessment testing fees are below $1000, for an average one bathroom, three bedroom ranch style home.

Customers may request a no obligation quote online and a written quote is emailed to them.

Crisis Cleaning has been doing meth lab cleanup since 2007 and is a trusted leader in their field.