Many of us dream of a job that would allow us to be financially secure while having fun, right? One such job might be the president/CEO of one’s own company, with all the amenities, an expensive cherry desk, full featured phone, top-of-the-line computer, fax machine (wait that’s built into the computer), and printer, while leaning back in our tall leather chair with a cup of coffee or a latte and reading the newspaper (with our feet on the desk of course). Do we really need to read the paper? After all, we can get all the news on our computer or cell phone. Wow, what a life – what a job. But such visualization is not always an accurate depiction of a president/CEO. I know a President/CEO who is growing her company and does have an office, but she believes in hands-on experience. Such is the case with Donetta Held, President/CEO of Crisis Cleaning. She, along with her husband, Rick, and their entire staff, works tirelessly to please customers and contribute to a healthy and safe environment.

Both Rick and Donetta Held indicate their jobs are “never dull.” It seems typical days are really non-typical, in that there is such a variety of situations with every job. They travel all over the State testing meth contaminated homes, talking with and educating owners and tenants on the decontamination process. Donetta and Rick enjoy meeting the people during inspections and, since the owner or tenant responsible for cleanup may not be the same person who created the meth contamination, they many times lend an understanding and compassionate ear to personal family stories and lives.

In the situation of asbestos contamination, asbestos can be a potential problem only when it is disturbed, at which time tiny particles may not be seen with the naked eye.
Donetta also receives calls about mold remediation. Such remediation can be an expensive process. A home may be left vacant for an extended period of time without heat and air and mold can form. Donetta feels it may be more economically/financially beneficial to leave the utilities connected than to have possible expensive mold remediation later.

Crisis Cleaning is a family-run, service-oriented, cleaning company that began in 2001, focusing on meth lab cleanup, death/crime scene cleanup, mold remediation, lead remediation, and asbestos management. Crisis is certified and licensed and ensures their jobs are done right. They bring a personal touch to each difficult situation, and their professional experience gives their customers the confidence they need to feel at ease and know any problems will be resolved.

Whether it’s asbestos, meth or mold contaminating your home or rental property, you can call the professionals at Crisis Cleaning for help. Phone toll free at (877) 260-4828, email at moc.g1513484087ninae1513484087lcsis1513484087irc@o1513484087fni1513484087 or visit their website at