Looking for one’s dream house can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. After taking a new job in a new city, I remember my husband and I looking for a comfortable house in a suitable location as close to work as possible. Finding just the right house can be difficult and time consuming. Of course, one big consideration is price. Although it took about six months, we finally made our decision, and were pleased with our choice. Even though we were glad the looking was over, we did have fun touring various homes and could of course always use some decorating ideas. Sometimes friendly pets made the tour even more fun, except for one instance of a pet snake.

Purchasing a home is a huge decision and one that cannot be taken lightly. Considerations include public schools, flooding zones, shopping centers, location, house plan, upkeep of home, condition of roof, heating system, property taxes, lawn and the list goes on. Perhaps one more consideration should be whether the home was used for meth consumption or a meth lab. Disclosures may or may not include such information. Sometimes the house may have gone through foreclosure or simply was vacant for a substantial amount of time. In such cases, the history of the house may not be known to the realtor. If the house was rented, the owner may not be aware of any meth contamination. Home buyers must beware of many factors when considering their purchase. In many instances, potential home buyers require inspection as a condition of the purchase. Perhaps it would be wise to talk with neighbors in the area to learn more about the previous home owner and the neighborhood itself. If there is the possibility of meth contamination, the potential home buyer or the owner may wish to hire a professional to inspect/test.

Crisis Cleaning is an environmental specialist company, certified and licensed, in the areas of meth contamination, asbestos, mold, infectious disease, and death scene cleanup. Meth test kits are available for purchase by those do-it-yourself home buyers for their information only at http://www.crisiscleaning.com/home-meth-test-kit-test-meth-residue. Please follow instructions shown on the kit. While the results cannot be used to clear property and negative results may be inconclusive, the meth test kit can quickly and inexpensively arm the potential home buyer with information as to possible meth contamination and therefore peace of mind. For certified testing of meth residue, give Crisis Cleaning a call. They are available to help with advice or service on any environmental issues.

Call toll free at (877) 260-4828 or email at moc.g1513483864ninae1513483864lcsis1513483864irc@o1513483864fni1513483864. Check out their website at www.crisiscleaning.com. Taking a little time to check out a home may mean a substantial savings down the road.

by Joan Mason