Everywhere you turn you hear another story about a meth lab bust. But we know for every illegal lab that gets busted there are many more that are operating that are never busted. Now, with the one-pot method addicts are making their own meth and many people are receiving serious burns or even being killed.

For instance in our home state of Indiana, Evansville is trying to get legislation to make it a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. If they gain that title it will enable more funds and resources to be allotted to the war on meth in their county. Two northwestern Indiana counties already have that distinction.

Then in the middle of the state we have numerous labs that are busted every day. So Indiana is quickly becoming covered with the scourge of meth, which should give renters and new homebuyers cause for concern. Many of these homes where meth labs were present, but they were never busted, are put on the market or placed on the foreclosure list for sale. Or a landlord will clean a property after a tenant moves out and he is none the wiser that a meth lab was ever on his premises. This opens the door for innocent people to move in and begin living with meth.

Methamphetamine residue is very harmful and it doesn’t go away over time. The occupants may first notice they have respiratory problems, or kidney ailments, or even unexplained rashes. The very thought of an infant crawling on a carpet where meth had been cooked or smoked in the home, makes me cringe. The home has to be decontaminated.

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