Why do many of us call our physician to schedule our yearly check-up? While we may not feel ill, we do want to catch or prevent any possible future health problems.
We may take vitamins, all the way from A to Z, to build up our strength and keep us

healthy. Many times I stop by a store, whether department or pharmacy, and view their aisles of vitamins and supplements. And how many times has your doctor told you to exercise? Why, to keep our muscles strong or perhaps lose a few pounds (or maybe to re-proportion the weight we already have) and to maintain a good balance. We also may be told to drink more water and watch our caloric and sugar intakes, eat lots of vegetables and low-fat foods. Oh, and some of us take our medications to keep ourselves in check and prevent physical problems such as a stroke or heart attack. Certainly we work at keeping our bodies healthy so we may lead happy, productive and longer lives.

Now let’s ask ourselves how many of us who have older homes, say built before 1978, make an appointment for a house checkup to insure we have no issues with possible asbestos exposure? Left alone, contained and intact, asbestos may pose no harm to one’s health or well-being. Many times simply leaving it alone is all that is required. However, if you are planning to remodel your older home, please be aware of your house’s asbestos locations. Disturbed and airborne, asbestos may pose a health problem over time. Certainly television has brought awareness to mesothelioma and the possibility that asbestos exposure may cause various lung issues. Who doesn’t want clean and healthy lungs? If you suspect your home may need an asbestos inspection, especially if you are considering remodeling, what about a home health checkup? As the saying goes “An ounce of prevention…”

What can you do if you want a home health safety inspection? One way is to call a company on whom you can rely to make sure all is well with your house. Such a company is Crisis Cleaning, Inc. who is an environmental decontamination company servicing Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, North and South Carolina.

Give them a call today toll free at (877) 260-4828 if you have any questions or issues with asbestos, mold, or meth residue contamination in your home. Hopefully, your house will get a clean bill of health and at the very least a company created to help people just like you solve home health and safety issues.

By: Joan Mason