Having dogs can sometimes mean being careful about how your house smells. After I’ve been gone for a little while and come home, I notice if there’s any unpleasant odor from my two sweet but mischievous dogs. Unpleasant household smells can be caused by various objects within the home, and when I smell anything but a pleasant odor, I am unhappy and immediately finding the cause. Why? Because it is normal to want our homes clean and safe. But what about safety issues we cannot smell or detect easily? For example, how do asbestos fibers smell? If I don’t smell anything, does it mean there’s nothing dangerous lurking in my house? I have always been taught it is better to be safe than sorry. If you believe there may be asbestos fibers airborne in your house, calling a specialist is important to your health and safety.

Just recently I was in a home where one of the bathrooms had chipped tile. The question came up as to whether the tile might be asbestos. One of the home’s residents has COPD. I do not know if the tile is asbestos, but action is being taken to insure the health and safety of the home’s residents. Asbestos that has been disturbed and has airborne fibers may have no detectible odor but the health issues are still there.

If you believe your home, rental property, or commercial building may have an asbestos issue, call the professionals at Crisis Cleaning. While undisturbed, asbestos may have no harmful effects but when it is disturbed and airborne fibers are present, it’s time to make sure all is well with your home. You might think of it like a rattlesnake in the mountains, undisturbed and causing no problems, but then when a person disturbs the snake, look out, big problem. I don’t think Crisis Cleaning handles snake problems but when it comes to asbestos, they are certified professionals. Remember, better to be safe than sorry. Give Crisis Cleaning a call today toll free at (877) 260-4828.

By Joan Mason