Police: Woman Was Smoking Meth While Child Was In Tub

CBS  [ View Original Article ] MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Northfield, Minn. woman was arrested after she allegedly was smoking methamphetamine while her baby was sleeping in a bathtub, according to police. Police say they were contacted by a Rice County social worker about a child protection issue. The social worker said a woman called [...]

Chef at downtown eatery charged with meth possession [ View Original Article ] By Emily Russo Miller Juneau Empire Editor's note: The full version of this story can be found at The general manager and head chef of Kenny's Wok and Teriyaki, a restaurant with delivery service in downtown Juneau, was indicted Friday for possessing methamphetamine. Angelo Bruce Kim, 51, is [...]

Woman videos herself doing meth before shooting her two children

Digital Journal  [ View Original Article ] By: John Thomas Didymus A woman living in an apartment complex in southeast Fresno, California, who shot her two children, the father of the children and a cousin before shooting herself, took a video of herself with her iPad smoking methamphetamine before the shootings. The woman, Aide Mendez, 23, [...]

Man who died in custody may have taken large amount of meth

Star Telegram  [ View Original Article ] By Gordon Dickson moc.m1516708663argel1516708663et-ra1516708663ts@no1516708663skcid1516708663g1516708663 FORT WORTH -- A 24-year-old man who died two days after being hit with a Taser by Fort Worth police may have ingested a large amount of methamphetamine just before being taken into custody, according to a police report. The man was arrested early Friday [...]

Kershaw deputies raid meth lab, seize month-old baby

The State  [ View Original Article ] Sheriff's deputies found a 1-month-old baby and a makeshift laboratory to manufacture methamphetamine in a motel room in Kershaw County over the weekend, sheriff Jim Matthews said. Deputies turned the baby over to the S.C. Department of Social Services, Matthews said. At least two suspects were arrested, he said. [...]

Maumelle High School assistant coach Brittany Burns facing drug charges  [ View Original Article ] MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- Police bust a Maumelle high school teacher for drugs after leaving campus Thursday morning. The arrest led the Pulaski County Special School District to suspend 35-year-old Brittany Burns of North Little Rock indefinitely while the district conducts an investigation. Handcuffed and escorted into a Maumelle police [...]

What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive, synthetic, stimulant drug that activates the pleasure centers in your brain. There are many street names given to methamphetamine - meth, ice, crystal, glass, speed, chalk, croak, biker’s coffee, fire, stove top, tweek, tweak or tina...just to name a few. Amphetamine, which is the parent drug of meth, has been [...]

Casey targets state’s youth ‘meth crisis’

The  [ View Original Article ] Sen. Bob Casey on Tuesday wrote a letter to a California-based organization that educates the public on the dangers of methamphetamine use and requested it perform an analysis of the "meth crisis among youth in Pennsylvania." While statewide the problem appears to be growing - Mr. Casey said the [...]

POLICE: Mobile Meth Lab Suspect ‘Preys on Young Adults’

W.Va. State Police arrested Glenn "J.R." Jenkins, 32, of Milton at his house Tuesday morning.  [ View Original Article ] UPDATE 1/10/12 @ 11:05 p.m. MILTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- State Police have arrested a man described as being a "disease to the Milton and Culloden area for years." Glenn "J.R." Jenkins was arrested Tuesday afternoon [...]