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When in doubt…

Many years ago, someone told me, in referring to a speech he was giving to students at a local high school, “when in doubt, don’t.” I thought of that statement many times and believed in most cases it was good philosophy. How many times have I said I wished I hadn’t done this or that? [...]

Home buyer beware

Looking for one’s dream house can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. After taking a new job in a new city, I remember my husband and I looking for a comfortable house in a suitable location as close to work as possible. Finding just the right house can be difficult and time [...]

What is that smell?

Having dogs can sometimes mean being careful about how your house smells. After I’ve been gone for a little while and come home, I notice if there’s any unpleasant odor from my two sweet but mischievous dogs. Unpleasant household smells can be caused by various objects within the home, and when I smell anything but [...]

Getting Down and Dirty

Many of us dream of a job that would allow us to be financially secure while having fun, right? One such job might be the president/CEO of one’s own company, with all the amenities, an expensive cherry desk, full featured phone, top-of-the-line computer, fax machine (wait that’s built into the computer), and printer, while leaning [...]

The Insurance Dilemma

My dad used to say one can be “insurance poor.” While that statement may be true, we all have insurance of some type and usually many types, including homeowners, auto, health, life, cancer, and the list goes on. We try to protect ourselves from as much financial harm as possible while protecting valuable assets. And [...]

What’s the diagnosis?

When I was in school, our class took a trip to Vincennes. I know, it wasn’t the Bahamas or even King’s Island, but we had a great time. Seeing the old, historical homes of great American patriots meant a great deal to the class. I was so excited, but please remember that was a few [...]

What happened to my beard?

Keeping bread in the refrigerator, particularly in the summer, seems like a good idea (although I’ve been told it doesn’t help). We go grocery shopping and try to make our food supply last as long as possible. Grocery prices keep moving upward, so if you’re like I am, you try to consume every ounce of [...]

Experience is the best teacher

Have you ever sat in a classroom and been taught “how to” use a certain software program or how to work a machine or work a problem or whatever the case may be? Well, I have. I remember several years ago attending a class on using a particular software. Of course we all had computers [...]

But I don’t like tests!!

How many tests would you guess you have taken so far in your life? This number would include school exams, medical, dental, eye exams, and household tests for whatever reason – termites, gas leaks etc. I remember being very anxious and nervous when it came to school tests, and in particular if they were timed. [...]

Do it yourself?

Have you seen how easy these DIY television programs make things look? They repair, replace, decorate, landscape; you name it. Have you tried to do some to these tasks yourself? Sometimes it looks good and it all works out, but sometimes it doesn’t. I do some things myself, like changing light bulbs, batteries, curtain alterations, [...]