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Leftover anyone?

Don’t know about you, but I do not like to throw away food, especially with today’s prices. I try to buy just the right amount for one meal’s consumption, but I can’t always accurately predict my appetite for a particular food on a particular day. So I may wind up with leftovers, which is fine [...]

Did you lock your doors?

Don’t know about you, but anytime I leave the house, I have to make sure all is well inside before walking out the door. The same is true for my car. Before I had a garage, I made sure my car doors were locked prior to going inside the house. I learned that lesson the [...]

The Importance of a Checkup!

Why do many of us call our physician to schedule our yearly check-up? While we may not feel ill, we do want to catch or prevent any possible future health problems. We may take vitamins, all the way from A to Z, to build up our strength and keep us healthy. Many times I stop [...]

Dangers of living with toxic mold

You already know that your brain on meth is not great; but did you know that mold can have devastating neurological consequences, as well? Of course, scientists have long suspected that mold exposure - especially to super-toxic molds like Stachybotrys - can damaged the human brain. It’s kind of a given, considering the toxic effects [...]

Why you should test before you buy or rent a home.

In the spring of 2013, Jenny and Chris Nugent were excited to buy their very first home. They spent their life savings on a beautiful ranch fixer-upper in Mooresville, and dumped in some extra money to fix holes in the wall replace the flooring, and upgrade the bathroom. They never expected to have to deal [...]

Can Police Dogs Sniff Out Meth Residue???

How is a police dog trained to alert to drugs? The dogs couldn’t care less about the drugs themselves, they’re just searching for their favorite toy. Most dogs love to play tug-of-war with a towel. Trainers wash the towel so it has no scent to confuse the dogs and they play tug-of-war. Later the trainer [...]

Meth: Is it the Scourge of Indiana and Our Nation?

Everywhere you turn you hear another story about a meth lab bust. But we know for every illegal lab that gets busted there are many more that are operating that are never busted. Now, with the one-pot method addicts are making their own meth and many people are receiving serious burns or even being killed. [...]

Why I Clean Meth

When I was a young girl, my father became an entrepreneur after he quit his secure job at Eli Lilly Corporation as a union electrician in 1972 and started his own electrical contracting business. I have many memories sitting around our family dining room table during evening meals listening to dad and mom talking about [...]