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What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive, synthetic, stimulant drug that activates the pleasure centers in your brain. There are many street names given to methamphetamine - meth, ice, crystal, glass, speed, chalk, croak, biker’s coffee, fire, stove top, tweek, tweak or tina...just to name a few. Amphetamine, which is the parent drug of meth, has been [...]

Full Upfront Testing for Methamphetamine Residue

January 3rd, 2012 - Donetta Held spoke at the Noble County Health Department. They listened intently as she explained why testing for meth is so important. If you want just a yes or no answer whether your property is contaminated, our meth test kit is an affordable way to get those results. You perform the [...]

Meth Labs Increasing in Motel/Hotel Rooms

Methamphetamine use continues to rise and with it the need for decontamination of homes. Crisis Cleaning is the leading cleanup contractor in a multiple state area. Recently meth manufacturers have gotten even trickier in their method of cooking meth. They check into a hotel or motel, manufacture their meth and check out. Often the management [...]

Is there insurance coverage for meth lab cleanup?

Most typical insurance policies will provide coverage for meth lab cleanup. When you call your agent to file a claim they may verbally tell you there is no coverage, but don't get mad or accept their quick denial over the phone. Instead, this is where you may need to educate yourself about the coverage that [...]

Are you living in a former meth lab home?

Since World War II it is estimated there were over a million to a million and a half meth homes, most of which go undetected by law enforcement. Many clandestine meth labs are just that, i.e. secretly cooked and smoked in homes. National experts state over 12 million people have tried methamphetamine at one time [...]