Meth Lab Bust Near Schools, 2 Men Arrested

ABC 6 News  [ View Original Article ] COLUMBUS -- Two men arrested in connection with a meth lab found at a mobile home park in West Columbus will face even tougher charges because of its proximity to two schools. Franklin County Sheriff's deputies arrested Todd Church, 34, and 24-year-old James McNew Thursday morning, while executing [...]

More meth labs showing up in cities, suburbs

Not just a rural drug anymore: Experts say more meth labs showing up in cities, suburbs Yahoo News  [ View Original Article ] Methamphetamine lab seizures are on the rise in the nation's cities and suburbs, raising new concerns about a lethal drug that has long been the scourge of rural America. Data and interviews from [...]

Homes’ meth-lab history a mystery

The Columbus Dispatch  [ View Original Article ] There are 16 former "clandestine laboratories" — addresses where methamphetamine was made or related chemicals were found — in Franklin County, according to a federal Drug Enforcement Administration database. Eric Bede lives at one of the addresses, a house in Canal Winchester. "I wouldn't buy a house like [...]

Meth Rehab: Former labs a nightmare for unwitting homebuyers  [ View Original Article ] Soon after John Bates and his wife moved into their first home, the euphoria of realizing the American Dream gave way to a nightmare of foul odors, unexplained illnesses and spiraling costs. A standard home inspection had revealed no problems with the home, in Suquamish, Wash., near Seattle. Bates, a [...]

Deputy Discovers Meth; two arrested, two children removed from home

Hardin County News  [ View Original Article ] By David Lisenby One Hardin County resident remains in jail and another posted bond after being arrested for four felony charges when approximately 22 grams of methamphetamine was seized by the Hardin County Sheriff's Office. Troy Lee Bohler, 37, was booked into the Hardin County jail and charged with [...]

Meth labs leave chemical residue that requires costly decontamination

The Republic, Columbus, IN by Chris Schilling  [ View Original Article ] Invisible Danger BY Chris Schilling moc.c1513483399ilbup1513483399ereht1513483399@gnil1513483399lihcs1513483399c1513483399 Bobbie Fellerman could hardly believe what she was hearing over the telephone. A meth lab had been discovered at a rental property she owned near Grammer. Police had arrested a man at the southeastern Bartholomew County residence who [...]

Cleaning up mess left by meth labs a profitable niche

The Indianapolis Star by Dana Hunsinger  [ View Original Article ] Inside a Crawfordsville rental property, the tenants liked to cook. But what they were cooking got them busted last month, Indiana State Police say. In the kitchen, police found everything it took to make meth. At the Days Inn in Anderson last week came a [...]

Meth cleanup can be a long process

Several agencies and organizations become involved when a meth lab is discovered The Star  [ View Original Article ] By: Andrew Walker MUNCIE -- One wrong twist of a cap. A simple bead of sweat. It's the simple things that are known to turn methamphetamine production into a deadly practice. And while the health effects [...]

Meth Lab Explosion Leaves Man In Critical Condition  [ View Original Article ] LANCASTER, Ohio - Police said a meth lab exploded on Friday night and left the man cooking the illegal drug in critical condition. The explosion happened at the Lancaster Club Apartments, located at 180 Sells Rd., 10TV News reported. Neighbors and witnesses said they were in disbelief. "It shook the [...]