Police: Children Present at Home with Meth

The Daily Reporter  [ View Original Article ] Bronson, Mich. — Three Bronson area residents, Jesse Modert, 34, his wife Amber Modert, 33, and Corey McNees, 34, were arrested Tuesday night after a meth lab was found. Branch County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) deputies found records where the Moderts both had purchased pseudoephedrine used to make meth. [...]

One-pot meth labs lead to profusion of damaged, abandoned houses

Quality-of-life issue for entire community Evansville Courier & Press  [ View Original Article ] By Arek Sarkissian II EVANSVILLE — School buses full of kids lumbered down Waggoner Avenue Thursday afternoon as William Redfairn watched from the side of his neatly kept yard. Disembarking youngsters shrieked, squealed and screamed as they darted down the street, which [...]

Indiana based company specializing in ‘meth lab’ clean ups

By Nick Schneider, Assistant Editor The ravages of clandestine methamphetamine labs linger for years after they are dismantled in homes, apartments, hotel and motel rooms, if left unabated. The cooking of meth, no matter what manufacturing method is used, is dangerous and leaves behind a toxic residue that will sicken the occupants -- young and [...]

Couple found with infant in home faces meth charges

Charleston Daily Mail  [ View Original Article ] CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A Cedar Grove couple was arrested after State Police discovered meth making materials in the home they share with their infant daughter. Troopers went to the Alexander Street home of Derrick Vincent Easterday, 30, and Corey Ramsey, 21, early Wednesday after receiving information the couple [...]

Mom Guilty in Meth Breast Milk Case  [ View Original Article ] Authorities are cracking down on parents who place their children in danger while being involved in drug use and activity. Many states have passed laws increasing penalties for drug use and possession when children are present and even drunk driving penalties are enhanced if a child is endangered. Now a [...]

Officers: Couple ran meth lab in York house

Charlotte  [ View Original Article ] By Nicole Smith moc.e1516708083nilno1516708083dlare1516708083h@hti1516708083msn1516708083 YORK Two people were arrested Sunday in the first meth lab bust of 2012 after investigators discovered they were making the drugs in their home, York County officials say. Carl Eugene Campbell, 38, and Gwendolyn Denise Strikey, 39, both of York, have each been charged [...]

Police: Woman on meth arrested after shooting at “imaginary people”

News 4 KNRV Reno  [ View Original Article ] Reno, NV (KRNV &— An ex-felon was arrested last night, Feb. 4, 2012, after firing a gun in a parked car at 9507 Western Sikes Dr. Steffanie Kidder, 41, called 911 around 10:00 p.m. last night and hung up after telling the emergency operator that there [...]

Police: Meth lab discovered in Muncie home near day care, school

The Star  [ View Original Article ] MUNCIE -- Police believe a Muncie couple put the lives of hundreds of children -- including three of their own -- in danger by maintaining a meth lab in their southeast Muncie home near a school and a day care center. Jerry Edward Browning, 33, and his wife, [...]