The meth cook who took over my mentally ill son’s house, was evicted in June by his landlord for meth labs. The landlord didn’t want to go through the cleanup and allowed the charges to be dismissed. The meth cook and his girlfriend took over my son’s house in July. I spent 6 weeks trying to get them out. He was arrested in August for a past outstanding warrant for meth precursors, received parole with rehab and came back to my son’s house eleven days later. I issued an order of protection to keep him out. One month after his release, he was arrested for cooking meth in an apartment building.. (Three contaminated properties.) My son died in September, and I’ve spent over 4 months to get the house decontaminated and safe. The local company that did the initial test did not adequately test for levels and did not perform enough tests. The local company that provided the initial cleaning had to come back a second time and ended up paying Crisis Cleaning for a third cleaning in several areas. Thanks to Crisis Cleaning I’ve received clearance with levels below the EPA guideline rather than Illinois’s guideline… and have piece of mind. I really needed the meth lab decontamination coaching from Crisis Cleaning in the midst of dealing with the loss of my son. Thank you!

Diane T.Springfield, IL

Crisis Cleaning (CC) saved me hundreds of dollars of unnecessary expense! Before testing for meth prior to a home purchase, CC suggested I call the local health department to see if the house had already been decontaminated. As it turns out, the original police report and the State of Indiana had recorded the wrong address–the meth lab had been discovered at the house next door, NOT at the house I was buying. I had previously called the state but had never considered checking with the county… CC’s simple suggestion saved me lots of money–and while I didn’t end up needing CC’s services, you can be sure I’ll call them for any future needs and recommend them above all others.

Gabe TribbettPierceton, IN

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Crisis Cleaning and their services. The rise of Meth labs in the Evansville area is affecting everyone, especially rental properties. I am an agent for 3 mobile home parks in the tri state area. In the past 3 1/2 years Crisis Cleaning has done an excellent job in making sure the homes contaminated by labs found in our communities were safe for occupancy. In addition, they educate the owners of the parks and I on the dangers and cleanup procedures after a meth lab is found. This has helped us on the financial burden of meth lab cleanup. Their cleaning skills are impeccable.

Crisis Cleaning has a high level of commitment to educating landlords and the entire community on the problems of meth in our communities.

Maria Colleen Cavins

Dear Ms. Held,

Just a brief note to commend you for your team’s excellent work on our property in Evansville, Indiana. After being frustrated with the local companies’ lack of response, we looked elsewhere for alternatives, and fortunately ended up discussing our needs and concerns with you.

As you indicated, I met your representative in a couple of days; he spent almost an entire day at the property, addressing my issues & concerns. I was impressed that the hours he spent with me in one day were more than the combined hours of the local companies’ multiple visits – on site and off site!!

I also appreciate your service to contact our insurance company and discuss our policy coverage with them; we didn’t realize that we are entitled to additional benefits which weren’t disclosed by their agent. This was a tremendous boost to our limited budget.

Next, came the cleaning phase, your team spent the entire week working on the property, the work was detailed and professional, the crew was friendly, respectful and eager to help; pointed out areas of concern and answered our related questions.

We also appreciate your follow-up calls with the insurance company to review the test results, and advising them on issues which require a different treatment. Thank you for being with us throughout the entire project, assisting, advising and making sure that we are exercising our covered benefits.

Again, we would like to express our gratitude for your excellent service to us, the only regret is that we didn’t contact you first.


Mike H.Evansville, IN

My wife and I fell in love with a grand old house in SW Michigan, however late in the house inspection period, we heard rumors that a meth lab had been set up in the house during the time it sat empty for about two years. While we knew nothing of what equipment was involved in a meth lab, we saw some suspicious looking items in the attic. After doing online research, we learned the very serious health dangers of moving into a house that had meth produced in it. We were in a state of shock, as we had our heart set on this house. In the course of our online research we came across Crisis Cleaning, and after going through their website, contacted them and explained the problem and the extreme time crunch we were in. They were fantastic! They overnighted a testing kit, we took the swab samples and rushed them to the Post Office, and in just 3 business days we had the results: The house was clean – meth-free. What a relief! Best $60 we ever spent. And the super nice folks at Crisis Cleaning provided outstanding customer service, tracking the package, answering our many questions, expediting things. We couldn’t be happier – thank you Crisis Cleaning!

M.C.SW Michigan

I want to thank Crisis Cleaning for helping me when I had no money. My adult son did meth in my home, fortunately, only his bedroom was highly contaminated and required cleanup. I am retired and live on fixed income. They decontaminated his room and enabled my home to be taken off the DEA list.

DKBedord, IN

I just want to tell you how much I appreciated our conversation a few days ago. You made me feel so much better and a lot more hopeful. I am glad that your business area extends into Peoria, Illinois area. I have sent off my samples to the lab and I am hoping for good news, but if not, I will have to deal with the situation. I am so happy I found you. Again, thank you so much for talking to me. I am so grateful.

KTPeoria, Illinois

My inconsiderate renters smoked meth in my rental house. I contacted three different companies about this work. I decided on Crisis Cleaning because they listened carefully to what I told them about the house and meth use, did not charge exorbitant prices, were very professional and gave me a detailed proposal. These folks are very conscientious about doing a good job. Crisis Cleaning cleaned the entire house to rid it of meth residue.

Mary T.Fredericksburg, Texas

In March 2014 we discovered our new home, purchased in 2013, was in fact a former meth lab. My husband, three children and I went from having two and a half acres and a nice home to living in our car in one day. Crisis Cleaning assisted us through the process and have been beyond helpful with everything. They took our home on as a charitable project and decontaminated our home for free! This has been one of the hardest trials for my family and Crisis Cleaning provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding. I cannot thank them enough for helping us in our darkest time. We are amazed at how hard Crisis Cleaning worked to assist us and would refer them to anyone that would find themselves in our situation.

Thanks Again!

Jennifer N.Fredericksburg, Texas