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Is Meth Residue Contaminating Your Property?

The truth is that small, “shake-n-bake” meth operations are everywhere. Without knowing a property’s entire history, it’s impossible to know whether or not it’s been contaminated with meth.
Even small amounts of meth residue can have serious physical and mental health consequences, especially for children.
Ensuring that your property is meth-free is simple with our affordable meth residue test kit.

For only $49 per kit, you can get peace of mind.
Use this test kit before you buy a new home or sign a lease. Since building inspectors don’t regularly test for meth residue, you’ll need to take this into your own hands.

Our meth test kits are processed by an independent EPA-certified laboratory.
You’ll receive lab-certified results via email in 2-3 days.
There is an option for 24 Hour & Same-Day Processing.

We Are the Crystal Meth Experts

As an industry leader in meth residue testing and cleanup since 2007, Crisis Cleaning has made available this Meth Test Kit as an affordable way to test a home or rental property prior to purchasing or renting. Most building inspectors don’t offer meth lab testing prior to purchasing, so many potential home buyers purchase our meth test kits and test properties themselves making the results a condition of purchase. While there are many properties that are busted for methamphetamine productions, there are many more “user sites” where the meth user didn’t get caught cooking or smoking leaving the unsuspecting new occupant open to health issues.

Just like a home has a fire which leaves black snoot everywhere or cigarette smoke which leaves a yellow nicotine film on all the surfaces in a home, methamphetamine when cooked or smoked leaves an invisible film of toxic chemical residue on all the surfaces. Methamphetamine residue cannot be covered over with paint as it can seep back through nor can it be cleaned with household products. Household cleaners are designed for bacteria contamination. The decontamination products our company uses are designed to remove the chemical contamination from all the surfaces from cooking or smoking of methamphetamine, including the HVAC system so demolition is NOT necessary (except a few porous items such as carpet and padding).

How Many Kits Do I Need?

Indiana Meth Lab Cleanup - Test Kit ContentsEach meth test kit comes with:

  • four pre-wetted alcohol swabs
  • one pair of gloves
  • one test tube
  • detailed instructions
  • standard mailing envelope
  • testing form (to be mailed to lab)

If you simply want to know whether or not your property is contaminated with meth, one kit should do it. Use each swab in a different area of your home (as recommended in the enclosed instructions). The lab will then provide you with a positive or negative result. If you have more than one level to your property, we recommend one kit per each level.

Want a clearer idea of just how much meth residue is in each room of the home to compare to your state’s cleanup guidelines?
Order a separate meth test kit for each room. Then, use all four swabs in one room, taking samples from the ceiling, two walls, and the floor (if it’s carpeted). The lab will analyze these samples to give you the level of meth contamination in each room that you test.

If the results are positive should I buy the house?

Would you purchase a property that was disclosed had some fire/smoke damage but was cleaned up?
Many buyers purchase homes that had some mold from sitting vacant for months but were cleaned up prior to the sale.
Meth contaminated homes can also be effectively cleaned up just like a fire/smoke damaged home.

User sites are on the rise, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing the home of your dreams.
If you test a home, you are thinking about purchasing and it is positive for meth contamination, you can make the cost of decontamination a part of your negotiations when considering the purchase price. Just do your homework, including having it tested for meth to prevent your dream home from becoming a nightmare.

Shipping Options

  1. Priority – USPS (1-3 days depending on locations)
  2. Express – USPS (1 day in many location could take 2-3 days)
  3. Overnight – FedEx – Guaranteed overnight.

If you don’t know the property is meth-free, you’ll only find out with testing!

Disclaimer: This meth test kit is to be used for informational purposes only. It cannot be used to clear a property. Negative test results must be considered inconclusive. This means that the testing found no methamphetamine, but that does not guarantee that there is none present. Regardless of the results of this home meth test kit, it is recommended that a certified meth lab testing professional company be hired to perform full qualitative testing for confirmation of your test results.