Lead inspection is a matter that should not be taken lightly by either property managers, landlords, agents or homeowners. Overlooking this important process is a serious legal violation. Moreover, exposing people to homes that have lead contamination can put their health at serious risk.

Lead Exposure

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Areas Affected by Lead Contamination

Lead is usually present in the affected homes in ways that most people would not imagine. Areas that generally have lead paint contamination include windows, doors, stairs, railings, fences, and even porches. Furthermore, any areas that rub into contaminated areas can also act as sources of contamination. Over time, such paint can chip off and end up spreading as dust around the home. Also, scraping and heating of the contaminated areas can generate dust, which can settle on many areas around the house and even remain in the air.

Common sources of lead:

  • house paint from before 1978
  • pipes and sink faucets, which can contaminate drinking water
  • toys made and painted outside the United States
  • toys and household items painted before 1976
  • soil polluted by car exhaust or chipping house paint
  • bullets, curtain weights, and fishing sinkers made of lead
  • storage batteries
  • jewelry, pottery, and lead figures
  • paint sets and art supplies
  • other types of art hobbies and projects

Paint Testing Methods for Lead:

1. Lab Testing for Lead Paint

Paint scrapings can be collected and are shipped overnight to an independent third party laboratory to be analyzed for lead content. With this test, lead levels of at least 0.5% in dried weight are taken to mean that a home contains lead paint contamination.

Paint Chip Samples

2. Dust Swipe Lead Testing

It is also possible to do chemical tests on the spot using a specialized kit in cases where more immediate results are desired. With the chemical spot test, color changes of the collected sample are observed. For instance, when using sodium sulfide, a color range of yellow to dark brown indicates the presence of high amounts of lead. A dust swipe is also a quick way to determine whether lead contamination is present in a home.

Dust Wipe Sampling

3. XRF Machine Testing

An XRF lead testing instrument can be used for fast, accurate, non-destructive testing and report downloads.

Lead Gun

Why Choose Our Lead Inspection Service?

We are accredited by the Indiana State Department of Health. In fact, only accredited lead inspection companies can perform lead contamination assessments and grant necessary certification. Any other lead inspectors are considered invalid.

Benefits of Lead Inspections

Hundreds of thousand homes in Indiana present potential health hazards because they were painted with lead contaminated paint. Lead paint inspections are therefore critical, especially now that public awareness of this problem is growing. Lead poisoning is considered a leading health issue among children in the Western countries.

So, to protect yourself from potential ethical and legal problems, ensure that the properties you manage have undergone certified lead inspections by Crisis Cleaning, Inc. Besides, having a property checked for lead contamination and declared lead free can help it fetch a better price in the market. With our state-of-the-art lead testing methods and certification, you can rest assured that your lead free home is truly free of contamination before moving day!

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