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Whether your home was once home to a “shake n’ bake” meth user or a full-blown meth lab, methamphetamine residue likely lingers. When smoked, meth crystals turn into a vapor that absorbs into carpets, couches, and walls. The vapor clings to surfaces for years, and will even seep through a fresh coat of paint.

You might be surprised to learn just how many homes were once meth labs.

In 2013, Indiana police officers recorded 1,721 meth labs seized. And those are just the labs law enforcement actually found. Never mind the mini “shake n’ bake” meth labs that are almost impossible to find and shut down.

So any time you buy a home – especially if you get a too-good-to-be-true deal – meth lab testing is essential. It’s an affordable way to ensure that your family is protected from this growing threat. Our DIY meth lab test kits help you find out if a home you want to buy contains methamphetamine residue.

If your home or rental property is a known former meth lab, testing may be required.

What kinds of testing do we offer?

At Crisis Cleaning, we offer three kinds of meth testing: an in-home meth sample kit, quantitative pre-testing, and post-testing.

The in-home meth sample kit is a great option if you just want to know if there’s any methamphetamine residue in your home. This test won’t tell you how much meth is in your home – just whether or not it’s present. This is just an affordable, quick way to get some information on your home – or on a home you may buy. It won’t count for the clearance testing required by many states.

Each kit comes with four swabs. This is enough to test four separate areas of your home if you just want to know whether or not meth residue is present. You may also order one kit for each room to get a clearer picture of how contaminated each room is.

A quantitative pre-test tells us exactly how much meth residue is present in each part of a building. Some states require a pre-test, but not all do. Even if your state doesn’t require a test, it can be a good investment. About 25% of the properties we pre-test are cleared without the need for further decontamination.

Without a quantitative pre-test, we’ll have to assume that the entire building is equally and thoroughly contaminated. With a pre-test, we can often focus on one or two areas of the home. This can cut your decontamination costs, while ensuring your building is thoroughly decontaminated.

A post-test is a necessary part of the decontamination process. A post-test ensures that your building meets local and state meth residue regulations. Each state has a different residue level that’s considered safe. Exposure levels for the states we serve are as follows:

  • Indiana: .50
  • Ohio: N/A
  • Kentucky: .10
  • Illinois: N/A
  • Michigan: .50
  • Tennessee: .10
  • South Carolina: N/A

At Crisis Cleaning, we test hard surfaces in your building with swabs. The labeled test swabs are then sent to an EPA-certified lab. In three to five business days, the lab emails us a copy of the results. If decontamination is warranted, we’ll work with you to create a plan of action for decontaminating your property.

Has your property been busted for a clandestine meth lab? Or are you considering buying a home that may have once housed a meth lab? Call Crisis Cleaning at (877) 260-4828 to discuss your meth lab testing needs today.

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