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LONGMONT – An Allenspark man arrested twice before in Longmont on suspicion of buying supplies to create drug labs apparently overdosed on cough syrup Tuesday morning and told police about a lab he was building in a Longmont motel room, according to police.

Trevan Lake was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of violating probation after he was treated and released from Longmont UniteTuesday morning and found the chemicals needed for a methamphetamine lab in room 214, Satur said. Most were still in original containers, but he said some were in the early stages of processing to make the drug. Police broke out windows to the second-floor unit for ventilation and were working on Tuesday to inventory, collect, and remove the chemicals in the lab.

Lake has been arrested twice before in Longmont at the ACE Hardware store after employees there noticed that he was buying the ingredients necessary for methamphetamine. The byproducts of the drug’s production are highly toxic and labs can explode.

Lake pleaded guilty in September 2010 to buying all of the supplies he needed to build a methamphetamine lab at the same ACE Hardware where he was arrested again in November. In a plea deal with prosecutors, his felony conviction would have been removed from his record if he stayed out of legal trouble and followed a therapy plan. Boulder County Judge David Archuleta told Lake at the time that the plea deal was “a golden opportunity to get back on track.”

He was still on probation when he was arrested in November, which led police to search his truck and his parents’ Allenspark home, where they retrieved a

d Hospital, said Longmont police Cmdr. Jeff Satur. Lake spoke with detectives at the hospital and told them he was constructing a lab in a room at the motel.

Police responded to the Lamplighter Motel on box of chemicals and glassware that Lake’s parents took away from him and turned over to police, according to reports. He is scheduled for arraignment on a single felony charge of possession of chemicals and supplies to manufacture drugs on Jan. 20.

Satur said it is easy to collect the chemicals needed for meth.

“That is the problem with methamphatmine,” he said. “Many of the chemicals are legal to purchase and when you start mixing them together they are dangerous.”

He said it did not appear that the lab had progressed to the point where any toxic byproducts would have been created. Satur said other arrest charges for Lake are likely.

“It is costing the city money, it’s costing the hotel money,” Satur said. “It is unfortunate.”