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Jerry W. Knight, 49, pleaded guilty Monday to manufacturing methamphetamine and was sentenced to five years’ probation and a $700 fine.
He faced two to 15 years in prison, said Assistant District Attorney Doug Breault.

Knight’s meth lab was discovered by a motel manager, prosecutors said during the Superior Court hearing.

After the manager stumbled upon the lab, Knight stayed in his room cleaning up until police arrived and arrested him.

Knight’s arrest happened April 8, 2011, at the Econo Lodge, 1024 Veterans Parkway.

Knight had been at the hotel for days with two others when he tried to rent the room for one more day, Breault said.

“He had come by to try to run a card, but the card had no money on it,” Breault added.

Some time passed, and the manager went to Knight’s room. He knocked and after getting no answer, opened the door.

The manager immediately smelled an overpowering odor and noticed Duct tape on the door. Two people fled the room, though Knight remained, Breault said.
“And he’s the one who got caught,” he added.

Police arrived and found materials in Knight’s truck used for making meth — a soda bottle among them. No drugs were found, Breault said.

The other two people in the room at the time remain unknown, the prosecutor added.

Knight entered a “cold” plea before Superior Court Chief Judge John Allen, meaning no plea deal was reached beforehand. Defense attorney William Kendrick told the judge that Knight had served for 22 years in the military.

Knight spent six weeks in jail before making bond, Kendrick added.