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MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) — Police bust a Maumelle high school teacher for drugs after leaving campus Thursday morning.

The arrest led the Pulaski County Special School District to suspend 35-year-old Brittany Burns of North Little Rock indefinitely while the district conducts an investigation.

Handcuffed and escorted into a Maumelle police car, Brittany Burns heads to the Pulaski County Jail Thursday night.  Officers arrested the Physical Education teacher and Assistant Girl’s Basketball Coach at Maumelle High School, just after she left campus Thursday morning.

“We had gotten tips from people at the school that they believed she was doing drugs on campus and was in possession of things on campus that she had no business doing,” said Lt. Jim Hansard with Maumelle Police.

Lt. Hansard says officers found a half gram of suspected meth, drug paraphernalia and multiple prescription narcotics in Burns’ possession. The narcotics included Percocet, Adderall and Dexedrine.

“In all drug investigations, there’s hardly ever an end of the road on these things so it is an active investigation,” Lt. Hansard said.

As the investigation continues, some of Burns students can’t believe her arrest.

“I’m completely shocked, I didn’t think she messed with that stuff,” Jordan Stuckey said.

Senior Jordan Stuckey had Burns as a P.E. teacher and a former soccer coach. And he had nothing but good to say about her.

“Very professional, she was great with kids, knew what she was doing,” Stuckey said.

He even called Burns a mentor.

“I looked up to her, she’s always been a role-model to me, I mean she always taught me to do the right thing,” Stuckey said.

It makes this arrest all the more tough to swallow for Stuckey while police and the district continue investigating how this teacher ended up in a mug shot.

Lt. Hansard says there’s no indication right now Burns was dealing these drugs and they don’t know yet where she got them.

We couldn’t take a camera inside, but we sat in on Burns’ probable cause hearing Thursday evening where the judge found sufficient grounds for police to stop and arrest her.

The judge also set Burns’ bond at $7,500.

During the hearing, the officers who pulled her over, said Burns gave consent for a search of her car and body. One officer said Burns’ hands were shaking a lot and she did admit she had methamphetamine on her.

The officer said they found most of the drugs in plastic bag tucked into her pants, something Burns initially passed off as a feminine product to deter them.

Burns’ attorney would not comment on this story Thursday. The school district says they’re working with the police department on this case. And because there are legal and personnel issues, they can’t release any information about her. The released this formal statement below.

“Our goal is to ensure all students, teachers and school officials have a focus on teaching and learning and experience a safe and orderly environment. We will continue to partner with the Maumelle Police Department regarding investigations such as these. Because this is a personnel issue we are limited legally in what we can say and details we can provide.”