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Washington, MO (KSDK) – Seven suspected meth-makers were busted over the holiday weekend. Investigators said they manufactured the meth just feet from the city’s police department.

3 women and 4 men were charged in connection with a weekend meth lab. The suspects are 18 to 30 years old and all but one is from Washington.

Police said the strong smell of meth was coming from a building late Friday night. An officer was driving by the 300 block of Lafayette when he noticed a strong chemical smell. 2 officers traced a meth smell to an upstairs apartment with 7 people inside.

According to police, suspects were questioned when they admitted an active meth lab known as a one pot or shake and bake lab was on the roof.

“They had mixed all the ingredients into a plastic bottle and I believe a vodka bottle and everything was in there and it was actually boiling,” said Washington police detective Darryl Balleydier.

Police said it’s not surprising the alleged meth makers were willing to run an operation less than a block away from the police station.

“The meth once it gets in their brain it depletes the chemicals like your dopamines and other chemical and that’s all they think about is getting this,” said detective Balleydier.

Bond was set between 25 and 100 thousand dollars for each suspect, and investigators said the case is still ongoing.