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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Cedar Grove couple was arrested after State Police discovered meth making materials in the home they share with their infant daughter.

Troopers went to the Alexander Street home of Derrick Vincent Easterday, 30, and Corey Ramsey, 21, early Wednesday after receiving information the couple had been cooking meth in the home, said Sgt. L.G. O’Bryan.

Upon arrival officers saw a man coming from the garage and identified him as Easterday. They were given permission to search the home.

Troopers B.K. Smith and C.D. Hill immediately noticed a strong chemical odor in the garage. The officers found Ramsey and her 10-month-old daughter in the living room with an unidentified woman and two men, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

A search turned up syringes and spoons with drug residue on them, a set of scales, and a hot plate. Troopers found a small amount of white powder, believed to be meth, in a small metal container on Easterday’s key ring, the complaint said.

Easterday told troopers he and Junior Turley made meth multiple times in his garage, according to the complaint.

He said Turley paid him to use the garage to make meth and that Turley would leave supplies with them after the drug was made, the complaint said.

Ramsey told troopers she would leave with the baby when Easterday and Turley were making meth in the garage.

Easterday and Ramsey were charged with attempting to operate a meth lab, possession of meth, possession of pseudoephedrine in an altered state, conspiracy, and child endangerment.

O’Bryan said the infant was taken to a local hospital and was released to the care of her grandmother. The unidentified people in the home were not charged. Troopers are searching for Turley.

Easterday and Ramsey are being held at South Central Regional Jail. Easterday is being held without bond. Ramsey’s bond was set at $25,000.