ABC – Nightline – October 30, 2014:

 What Happens When Breaking Bad is Over:


Aljazeera – America Tonight – July 14, 2014:

New Police Website shows location of former meth labs:

Home Horrors:  What lurks inside central Indiana homes?

Meth Test Currently Are NOT A Part of The Home Inspection Process:

Meth Contamination Cleanup – The Indy Channel follows Rick and James:

Mayor of Evansville’s Traveling Townhall Meeting (Presentation by Crisis Cleaning):

Fox News 59 suited up with Rick Held and James Plessinger as they decontaminated a meth home:

Have you ever wondered how to test your home for meth?
Listen to the expert as Donetta is interviewed on Action 41 News:

Crisis Cleaning’s Rick Willimott was interviewed by ABC6 / FOX28 in Columbus Ohio: